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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 71

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 71" 6mm Extra Thick

rating star Not sure yet!

By Nikki from Indiana on 2/8/2017

Size: NA

So, during the process of reading reviews all across the internet, which yields MANY positives but one repetitive negative, I still decided to choose the Manduka Pro mat over the competition. With that said, I'm not unhappy with the mat. It's true, the Manduka mat is slippery. I have trouble in basic positions such as the downward-dog. You physically don't slide all over the mat, and you can't actually see your hands slipping....but you feel it and are constantly re-adjusting. I half expected to experience this, but I didn't know how frustrating it would be. There are many "hacks" and reviews that state that use over time will fix this issue, so I'm absolutely not worried in the long term.
The mat itself is great. A very good thickness that I'm comfortable with that provides support and cushion when needed but also allows me to feel connected to the ground. The mat does not move or slip as I'm changing positions and has handled well with any sweat (not a lot). I've read this mat is not appropriate for hot yoga, so I wouldn't recommend it for that use.
Even though I'm frustrated with my mat in the present I look forward to when the slippage wears off and I'm able to get good grip and years of usage out of it. The reason for my 3 stars is that no matter how much potential a mat has, for someone who practices yoga, I don't believe we should have to sacrifice weeks/months of our practice to break a mat in. They either need to fix this during the manufacturing process or find a way to counter act the result of the manufacturing process before it reaches consumers :) Best of luck!

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat 68

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat 68" 5mm

rating star I sweat like a beast...but now I don't slip.

By Sweatius Maximus from Upstate New York on 1/17/2017

Size: NA

I don't slide in down dog. Whoever came up with this mat...I would totes make out with you.

Manduka eKO 2.0 Yoga Mat 71

Manduka eKO 2.0 Yoga Mat 71" 5mm

rating star Great Mat

By Nia C. from New York, NY on 12/26/2016

Size: NA

I love how grippy it is! I have it in Midnight and not only is the color absolutely stunning, but the texture is incredible. I was going to buy a Pro but decided not to because of how slippery it gets. I practice daily and get very sweaty (and even when I don't, I still need the extra stability) and don't need to spend days to break in a mat. I was also debating a Jade because of how grippy it is, but didn't like how they don't last or clean well. The Eko is the perfect balance. There was a bit of a smell when you unpackage, but if you're used to natural smells and products like I am they probably won't be a bother. The mat is a bit heavier than average, but if anything it makes it feel like your yoga mat is a home. You do, however, need a strap or carrier for this one at all time. It's not one of those mats where if you don't have a carrier or forget it at home, you can get away with just rolling it up and going about your day. It doesn't roll tight and due to it's size it doesn't stay rolled on its own AT ALL either so I'd purchase a carrier simultaneously as it will become a hassle in a studio. I've had no issues with slipping with this, and it's very firm and provides enough cushion. Truly transformative!

Manduka PRO Long Yoga Mat 85

Manduka PRO Long Yoga Mat 85" 6mm Extra Thick

rating star Too Hard!

By kcyogi from Westchester County, NY on 5/15/2016

Size: NA

I purchased this mat directly from Manduka about a year ago. I loved the size and color (purple), but it was way too hard. It was actually distracting to my practice. The thing that infuriated me, though, was that I tried to leave a negative review on the Manduka website (twice), but they never posted it. I thought it was suspicious that all of their posted reviews were 5-star rave reviews and most of them were posted on the same date, but I truly would not have thought that they were screening negative reviews. So, I thought I would try to help others that were making a decision about which mat to try. I ended up giving this mat to a tall friend of mine, and it doesn't bother her as much as it did me, but she does usually have a towel under her knees.

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