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Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat 68

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat 68" 5mm

rating star I sweat like a beast...but now I don't slip.

By Sweatius Maximus from Upstate New York on 1/17/2017

Size: NA

I don't slide in down dog. Whoever came up with this mat...I would totes make out with you.

Everyday Yoga Waffle Grip Mat Towel

Everyday Yoga Waffle Grip Mat Towel

rating star Better than yogi toes, this is why:

By Coleski from Minneapolis, MN on 2/22/2017

Size: NA

I've used the sporti for hot power vinyasa classes and washed it several times.
1. I first wet the towel down with water where my hands and feet mostly are in down dog because it is a must for the yogi toes, in my experience. It worked great for both products but after a few classes without wetting the sporti, the towel worked just as good, if not better than when I wet it before hand. Dry or not, the sporti didn't budge, and I jump back and forth, no bunching. The yogi toes has always moved, and my hands and feet slip too, if it isn't wet.
2. The sporti is a a bit longer than my standard mat, so no struggling to to make it fit corner to corner. This extra length also seems to help avoid any bunching and also catches my sweat when I'm in half way lift at the top of my mat. Yogi toes standard size is the same as my mat and I prefer the extra length without having to specifically buy a longer towel.
3. After a few washes the yogi toes gripping bumps tend to be felt through my mat in my hands toes and knees, and is rough. The weave of the grip in the sporti is smooth and no rough feelings or bump marks on my knees.
4. You can but 4-5 sporti for the price of one yogi toes. Enough said.

Jade Yoga Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 74

Jade Yoga Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 74" 5mm

rating star great traction, not enough length

By ashley from norfolk, va on 9/1/2016

Size: NA

love the traction. wish it were longer - was surprised by length when it came in. if I had known prior to ordering, would have ordered Manduka mat as they come in longer sizes (I am tall). Yoga Outlet won't accept mat for return/exchange as I've opened/used once... seems silly, no way to know how you feel about the mat w/out opening it up! beware a similar surprise re attempts to return or exchange.

WAY too much to par for a yoga mat you aren't sure you'll be 100% happy with (and no way to be 100% sure by ordering online w/out option to return or exchange..).

Hugger Mugger Nature Collection Ultra Thick Yoga Mat 68

Hugger Mugger Nature Collection Ultra Thick Yoga Mat 68" 6mm

rating star Great look, not the greatest functionality

By rebecca b. from Los Angeles, CA on 3/17/2017

Size: NA

I wanted to love this mat! I have owned several high quality mats over the years (manduka and jade yoga) and I researched many many mats and read many many reviews before purchasing. The length is small... almost like a mini-mat! I am not a tall person, 5'3" and 110 lbs I still find myself drifting off the mat at times due to the short length. The yoga towel i have with corner pockets to keep it secure is way too big for this mat (standard size towel) so basically useless. The towel bunches up because the mat underneath is just too short and too small! The main reason I purchased this was for extra cushion, which several reviewers had mentioned. I did not find it to be any more cushiony than my previous mat. I still get a bit of lower back soreness practicing crunches etc. on a hardwood floor. So overall, not the best purchase for my needs. I am keeping it as a backup or to lend when friends are in town etc. Color and look of it is great though!

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