NUX Hand-Dye Vitalia Yoga Leggings

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Get active in the NUX Hand-Dye Vitalia Yoga Leggings.Features Yoga leggings. Hand dyed. High rise. Compressive. Details : Yoga... Read More

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Get active in the NUX Hand-Dye Vitalia Yoga Leggings.


  • Yoga leggings.
  • Hand dyed.
  • High rise.
  • Compressive.


  • : Yoga leggings. Hand dyed. High rise. Compressive.
  • Color: Hand dyed.
  • Fit: Fitted.
  • Rise: High rise.
  • Length: Ankle length.

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NUX offers a choice of activewear for discerning, intelligent consumers. Its quality manufacture and stylish design is well-considered for both form and function. NUX offers more depth than being solely practical wear; it’s also for hanging out with the kids, to impress the other "yummy mummies" at school pick up, to look good for the husband, or even to impress friends. This is a product for YOU, to make you feel good, to make you feel energized, to help you perform in your time-out from everything else.

Purchasing and wearing NUX may not make you the best chef, mother, wife, employer, or employee, but it will make you feel satisfied with your investment into a choice of fashionable activewear that performs when you work out, lasts when you wash it, and makes YOU feel good. Launched in Los Angeles, CA during the Spring of 2008, NUX’s manufacturing continues to stand on the highest qualities of quality and customer service.

NUX celebrates women. Women who exude confidence with effortless style. Women who are intelligent and socially refined. Women who inspire both younger and older generations. Women who are active -- physically and mentally. This woman knows that she is enough; perhaps not always perfect, but confident that she is capable, knowledgeable and living her best life.

At NUX, they measure our success by the inspiration they are able to evoke. Every facet of NUX is infused with inspiration: from their made-in-the-USA commitment to their dedicated team and most importantly their customers. Whether you are enjoying the supple touch of NUX’s micro fiber nylon, or the comfort of their proprietary natural fibers, there is an unmistakable common thread: inspiration! So if their beautiful apparel can inspire you to reach higher, exercise harder, or if their Nuxology puts a spring in your step, you have helped NUX succeed.