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Good hYOUman
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Good hYOUman

“YOUuniting hYOUmanity by sharing the stories that make us hYOUman.”

Brett Novek founded Good hYOUman in honor of his father, David. The Los Angeles-based company is committed to keeping David Novek’s memory alive and to the idea that everyone has a story to tell. Brett started the company in 2012 when he bought a single screen print machine that he used in his bathroom. Now, the company has a full manufacturing factory in LA where 100% of their products are made. Good hYOUman believes that providing jobs to local individuals is not only beneficial to the economy, but it produces better-quality products.

Good hYOUman offers their well-known screen-printed tops, as well as top-quality bottoms for both men and women. As a new company, Good hYOUman continues to introduce more and more excellent items. They also carry some jewelry, dresses, and kids clothing.