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Chattra Pranayama Bolster

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Fuchsia Shikhara
Place this gorgeous Pranayama Bolster along your spine for support and expansion during deep breathing practices. Made with handcrafted fabrics from India, this... Read More

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Place this gorgeous Pranayama Bolster along your spine for support and expansion during deep breathing practices. Made with handcrafted fabrics from India, this bolster seconds as a beautiful decorative pillow when you’re not using it during your practice.


  • Pranayama bolster.
  • Allover pattern with orange piping.
  • Cover flap closure.
  • Inside liner zip closure.
  • Tassel and mirror detail.
  • Fabrics crafted in ethical workshops in India using traditional hand-block print textile techniques.
  • Supports your spine and helps expand breathing.
  • Provides support to help reduce strain and relaxation.
  • Helps to deepen poses.
  • Fully lined.
  • Note: This Chattra product is crafted in India using centuries-old hand-block print techniques. Artisans press ink to fabric with hand-carved wood reliefs, meticulously repeating the process to create lovely textiles. The fabric is then "cooked" in vats to bond ink to fiber and set color. Imperfections and slight fading are characteristic of this ancient method, adding to its charm. The tassel on your Chattra gear is like those seen on the camels of Rajasthan's great Thar desert.


  • Fabric(s): 100% Cotton Cover & Liner
  • Color: Grey, Marigold, Citron, Green, Yellow, Navy, Blue, Teal, Taupe, Fuchsia, Indigo, Brown
  • Stuffing: 100% Cotton
  • Density: Medium
  • Dimensions: 31" L x 9" W x 5.5" H
  • Keywords: bolster, pranayama, handmade, india, usa, tassel, mirror, printed, darpan, floral, marigolds, feather

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About This Brand


Chattra creates and sells artisan-crafted yoga gear for home and studio. Chattra collections include richly-colored, hand-block and screen-printed yoga props and mat bags celebrating India’s architecture, design, and spiritual heritage. Chattra products are hand-crafted in ethical workshops in India dedicated to preserving India’s incredible textile heritage. Chattra also collaborates with inspiring New Delhi-based designers. Each Chattra product includes illuminating orange detail and is adorned with a colorful mirror tassel like those seen on the camels of Rajasthan’s great Thar desert.

Chattra is a concept that was inspired after Chattra founder Ann Mordine and her family lived and traveled in India from 2007-2013. Ann was taken by the beauty of India’s art and architecture, intrigued by the calm and chaos of its culture, moved by the devotion and spirit of its people and their traditions. She also practiced a lot of amazing yoga and developed a passion for textiles.

Chattra introduced its first line at Yoga Journal Live in New York 2014 so yoga and meditation practitioners could bring a bit more beauty and inspiration to their sacred practice spaces. Chattra has been included in the decoration on NBC and Amazon produced TV shows and is sold in multiple yoga retail locations and online. In 2015, Chattra bolsters were named Editor's Pick by Yoga Journal Magazine.

Sanskrit for parasol, Chattra symbolizes dignity and protection. In Buddhism, a Chattra tops stupa monuments and often represents the Buddha. The playful and profound elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha, remover of obstacles and Lord of Beginnings, often carries a Chattra. Lovely meanings to enhance yoga practice.

By purchasing from Chattra, you help them give back to individuals and small nonprofits in India and the U.S., including: Shanti Life, Voyage Healing, Coach Art, and She Recovers.