WIN a Pair of 3-Day Passes to Hanuman Festival!

WIN a pair of three-day passes to Hanuman Festival! Join us in Boulder, Colorado from June 15 - 17 for world-class yoga, mind-blowing music, inspiration, and community! 


Leave a comment below telling us your favorite things about summer yoga festivals!

The winner will be chosen on Thursday, April 26th.


Please note that this prize is for the two three-day passes ONLY. Travel, room and board, and meals are not included.


My favorite thing about a summer yoga festival is feeling the power of the group working together.

Jennifer April 22, 2018

I have never been to a yoga festival but would love to attend my first this summer!

Joneyl April 22, 2018

Summer yoga festivals are what we look forward to all year. Sun and warm weather in a friendly joyful environment can not be beat. It is a chance to meet more yoga enthusiasts and learn new techniques from everyone around you. Everyone is living in the moment it is such a positive vibe. The music is transforming for the soul. You come away feeling healthy alive and rejuvenated. It is a gathering of epic proportion and I always leave feeling refreshed.

Melissa Bilthouse April 22, 2018

I have never experienced an event like this before. I have recently been introduced to Yoga because of severe back pain. I instantly fell in love and out of pain.. I love the feeling of peace that comes over my body when doing yoga and the clarity over my mind when I’m completely done is awesome feeling.

Crystal Estrada April 22, 2018

The best thing to look forward to at the Yoga Festivals are meeting new friends and partners that you can experience total peace of the mind and body while doing the best muscle health in the world for your body.

Johnny Konstantinos April 22, 2018

Meeting new people!

Marissa Lentz April 22, 2018

Yoga outside is all about SUSHINE! That glorious, soul-warming, life giving radiance melts our winter worries and relaxes our muscles.

Julia Behm April 22, 2018

I love being part of a yoga ‘family’ outdoors with people in a like yoga mindset

Gwynn Rosen April 22, 2018

I love doing yoga outdoors with other yoginis

Gwynn Rosen April 22, 2018

To when would be a true blessing,, I’m 56yesrs old and a mother of 6, my husband and I adopted 3 of grandchildren ages 3,6 and 9??it’s been difficult and challenging I work full-time and so does my husband. We definitely use a break and this sounds like an amazing experience,

Patricia April 22, 2018

As a yoga teacher, I absolutely love the community feeling, learning from new teachers, and having the opportunity to create community with like- minded people who I wouldn’t have normally had the chance to meet! I am moving to Colorado a week before this festival as well and it would be such an amazing way to connect with the yoga community there.

Alyx April 22, 2018

Would love to be apart of this event

Marianne Shears April 22, 2018

I love it when likeminded people gather together in the spirit of yoga!

Katy April 22, 2018

I like the idea of the community. The idea of self reflection, care, and realization. Moments of empowerment, clarity, and relaxation.

Brian Phillips April 22, 2018

My favorite part is setting aside time for yourself! Time to make new friends with something in common, time to enjoy yoga practice and feel amazing, and time to explore a new place!

Shelly Warder April 22, 2018

I love the positive energy and sense of community that is formed and solidified. It’s a true breathe of fresh air and uplifts my soul.

Matthew Bailey April 22, 2018

This is my first year finding a yoga family. I have travelled a lot with work and always used yoga as my escape and get out of my normal life. I found a yoga studio this year that has done the opposite, they have brought me in. They have have introduced me to a community of loving, caring and intelligent people who are always thriving for themselves and me to be out best.
I have never been to a yoga festival but i can only imagine what a whole festival of positive energy would feel like, so many people lifting each other up.I look forward to my first festival and to grow my new yogi family into a giant global one!
Sending you all some good Monday Vibes!!

Deborah Joyce April 22, 2018

My favorite thing about festivals, in general, is C O M M U N I T Y ! I love the vibe of like-minded people gathering together for the same cause. I have been to many summer festivals but have never been to a yoga specific festival so winning this contest would open up an entirely new festival experience for me!

Meg April 22, 2018

Although I have never been to a summer yoga festival I would think the best thing would be practicing together as a group and sharing something we all love to do! Namaste!

diane bono April 22, 2018

The people, the beauty of the town & specular views of mountains.

ELIZABETH April 22, 2018

Enlightening & fun feeling at festivals is what imagine I’d feel. Never been to a yoga festival and would love to experience it!

Khara Lau-kai April 22, 2018

Opportunities abound! Connection, reflection and networking work in a synergistic realm to provide a holistic experience that yields peace, love and oneness in all activities and interactions. What a fun and whole experience to be in a place where people are really present!

Sherri Morton April 22, 2018

I am just starting my yoga journey and would love to be a party of the Hanuman Festival – it has been on my radar for the past few years and it would be a dream!

Elise Danielson April 22, 2018

The brilliant inspirational people!!!

Vlada April 22, 2018


Betty April 22, 2018

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