WIN a Pair of 3-Day Passes to Hanuman Festival!

WIN a pair of three-day passes to Hanuman Festival! Join us in Boulder, Colorado from June 15 - 17 for world-class yoga, mind-blowing music, inspiration, and community! 


Leave a comment below telling us your favorite things about summer yoga festivals!

The winner will be chosen on Thursday, April 26th.


Please note that this prize is for the two three-day passes ONLY. Travel, room and board, and meals are not included.


I love yoga festivals because I believe that this is a time to truly connect. We can feel more connected to ourselves and well as the people around us. It is like a mini retreat to recharge and realign with ourselves. It allows us to be present, and just enjoy an experience or feeling. It reminds us how good we can feel if we just take some time for ourselves to not be so distracted. :)

Lauren March 13, 2019

I love the opportunity to connect with like minded people and grow with all the opportunities all in one place!

Brittney April 11, 2019

Love the good weather to get out, garden, and enjoy the fruits of nature

AmyR April 25, 2018

I am leaving my job of 27 years to find a purpose in my life. Yoga has helped me in the past with difficult situations and difficult people but all the yoga in the world couldn’t help me in my present job. I am starting a new path coaching swimming and teaching yoga to young swimmers. I will make about half what I do now and i will struggle financially but hopefully I will be fulfilled in more important ways, like emotionally and spiritually. Would love to have to chance to practice with like minded people and salute the sun in Boulder.

Susy April 23, 2018

The realization of life offering so much more than work.
The memories of happiness and youth are freeing and food for our souls when doing what we enjoy.

Connie April 23, 2018

I’ve never been to a summer yoga festival but started yoga this January after waiting years to try it. I have loved it and I am excited about my progression. I’d love to attend a yoga festival and really immerse myself in the experience!

Melissa Rhoades April 23, 2018

roots grounding to the earth, heart lifting to the sun, inhaling peace, exhaling peace in the presence of souls united as one i go straight to God.

Chere Hall April 23, 2018

There is nothing better than practicing outside and to part of this festival would be absolutely AMAZING!!!

Sara April 23, 2018

Honestly, I have never been to a yoga festival! I absolutely love yoga and the all the meanings behind it. What you can do mentally and physically for yourself. To spread the love and only the good vibes. It would be amazing to experience a yoga festival. In general, I love meeting new friends at festivals, dancing and seeing all the beauty within it (music, vibes, people’s creative looks)

Dorothy Ilada April 23, 2018

Unwinding with yoga in cool Colorado after finals sounds superb! Always improving my yogi game is the best part.

Marissa Jimenez April 23, 2018

Never tried yoga, but at my age, it is time!

Juan April 23, 2018

I just attended my first wanderlust 108 last Sat and it inspired me to do more yoga.

Dawnella April 23, 2018

The yoga! Plus the community

Jessica April 23, 2018

The atmosphere in Boulder, the energy of the other yogi’s and teachers and learning what my body can do!!!

ava April 23, 2018

I’ve never been to one before. I do various different types of yoga classes thru my gym. I really like doing yoga. I think a festival would be a great way to meet new people, learn new stuff and just have fun in a group environment.

Gg April 23, 2018

It would actually be my first and would fall on my birthday !!! It’s June 15th!

Yesenia April 23, 2018

I am new to yoga, hot vinyasa being my favorite and have only participated in one yoga festival to date. This festival sounds like the perfect way to unwind and re-center after a long school year (middle school teacher in need of self care) but a great way to begin the summer.

Lisa Williamson April 23, 2018

I actually have wanted to attend several yoga retreats but I cannot afford them! I would love to go for the serenity, tons of yoga and most of all meeting new people! Thank you

Cathy Ventresca April 23, 2018

Summer is a time to really feel alive, and summer yoga festivals capitalize on that vibrancy, but channel it towards a truer purpose — knowing yourself and honoring what you want. It’s a chance to do less but achieve more by looking inward, harnessing your energy, and sending it forth into the world with intention and power.

Tiffany Duong April 22, 2018

I believe this would be a great experience for me to learn yoga. To be able to achieve great results for my mind and body. The positive energy beaming out of every person there at the festival lifting up so many spirits. I love being outdoors under the rays of the sun feeding my soul with blessings. This would be my first festival and would love the chance to experience togetherness like this.
Namaste <3

Tania Mark April 22, 2018


Charlie April 22, 2018

I have never been to a summer festival before but I think my favorite things about it would be meeting new people, learning new things and having fun of course!

Catherine Sebring April 22, 2018

I’m excited to bring my mat outdoors??

Lindsay April 22, 2018


Charlie April 22, 2018

My favorite thing about summer yoga in general is being able to sit/flow outside and feeling the sun shining down on you, hearing the birds singing their songs, and breathing in the fresh air. Summer yoga festivals include all of this plus this strong energy of positivity. When you’re in the midst of so many yogis, their vibrations truly affect yours’. That’s a beautiful feeling.

Hannah April 22, 2018

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