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Earn 8-10% commission | Create an online yoga store in minutes | Easy and free setup

Earn 8-10% commission
Create an online yoga store in minutes
Easy and free setup

affiliate program affiliate store

How does it work?

Affiliates can setup a free online storefront with products from easily and within minutes. Once you create a storefront, you can share your referral link with anyone – your students, friends, family, and fellow yogis. Each affiliate can choose their own unique referral link ( which we use to track your sales and pay you a commission for each of your referrals.

What tools are given to help me get the word out?

What tools are given to help me get the word out?

affiliate store

Affiliate Store

The affiliate storefront is our most popular feature! The affiliate storefront is a turnkey solution for affiliates who don’t have the time, resources, or know-how to setup, stock, and fulfill their own online store. Your store can be filled with ANY product we carry on!

Digital Website Banners

Digital Website Banners

All affiliates can use a wide variety of digital banners which you can put on your personal yoga site. Digital banners are embedded with your unique referral link; so anyone who clicks on it will be directed to your personal storefront and any purchases made will earn you a commission.

Digital Website Banners

Link Generation

Create your own custom URL for specific products or categories to use in your blogs or review site. These are great if you’re recommending a specific product and want to create a text link which will send your audience to a specific product or category. Even though these links don’t direct to your storefront, you’ll still earn commission for any purchase made after someone clicks the link!

Digital Website Banners

Business Cards

Affiliates can request business cards which studio owners can keep at their reception desk or include in welcome pamphlets to new students. The business cards also contain your unique sub URL to help remind your patrons how to find your storefront. Did we mention these are also 100% free!?

Digital Website Banners

Mobile Shopping is mobile optimized so that people can shop seamlessly on their mobile devices. Students and fellow yogis can shop through your affiliate link even when they’re on the go!

Why should I join?

Make money. Our commission is above industry standard at 8-10%. The more you sell, the more you earn. We do not require you to meet unrealistic sales projections and there are NO CONTRACTS!


If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please email us at
or call us at 408-457-8652.