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Hugger Mugger Zafu Meditation Yoga Cushion

Hugger Mugger Zafu Meditation Yoga Cushion

rating star Easier now to sit and meditate

By JenMc from Dallas, TX on 6/19/2015

Size: NA

I was surprised at how large and heavy this pillow was when I first opened the package, and wasn't sure it would work -- until I tried it, and found that using this pillow is fantastic! Sitting on the pillow allows my body to settle into a position comfortable enough to sit upright for longer meditation sessions. I sit near the edge, in a modified half lotus. This wonderful pillow is now a key part of my meditation routine. Furthermore, it's a high quality product; the seams are straight and the fabric is a sturdy twill. I recommend it.

White Sage Jumbo Smudge Stick

White Sage Jumbo Smudge Stick

rating star Great Sage!

By Chakra Girl from Santa Clarita, CA on 11/30/2015

Size: NA

The sage is genuine white sage, and the sticks are ample in size.

Sacred Space Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl 14

Sacred Space Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl 14"

rating star Awsome singing bowl, packaged very poorly for shipping.

By Anonymous from Florida on 9/24/2015

Size: NA

I used the sound clips on the website to select the perfect singing bowl. It has resonances at many frequencies that can be amplified by using the leather mallet to rub the outside of the bowl lip in a circular motion, while varying the speed and the force of the mallet against the bowl. Many oscillatory modes can be achieved. A couple of the modes can be heard in the clip on the website. Others can be teased, and then amplified, from the bowl. Sometimes a slight mallet strike can help to start a mode. The lowest frequency can be induced by starting with a completely silent bowl, while using the leather covered mallet to rub the outer lip of the bowl forcefully in a continuous circle, about a revolution in a second or two. Keep the mallet pressed firmly against the bowl lip while rubbing, then quickly remove the mallet. The bowl will start singing using this method after about 2 revolutions around the bowl. The process takes a little practice, but the practice is very fun and enjoyable. The bowl is 5 star.

The only down side is YogaOutlet is used to shipping Yoga pants, and packed my bowl for shipping in an incompetent manner. The photos tell it all. The upside is that the approx 1/4 inch thick hand hammered brass is tough, and you have to knowingly look very carefully to identify the locations where the wood mallets banged the inside of the bowl during shipping. I am actually surprised the bowl survived the poor packaging. Shipping is zero star.

White Sage Jumbo Smudge Stick

White Sage Jumbo Smudge Stick

rating star 1 TIME USING SAGE

By Aim from New York on 9/18/2015

Size: NA

This was my 1st time using sage and this smudge stick was great. Burned perfectly and the smell was lasting. I used this for my new home smoked out the whole place for a "new beginning"

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Meditation is an important and essential part of many yogis' sessions. Whether you're new to meditation or you have a meditation routine down, the essentials you need to make your mediation session successful may vary. Whether you need a zafu to sit on, incense to light, or a singing bowl to incorporate into your routine, there are dozens of meditation essentials for you to personalize and perfect your meditative moments.

YogaOutlet is committed to selling a wide range of quality meditation essentials for you to create your own special space. From Japa Malas to mediation DVDs, YogaOutlet has all your meditation needs from brands such as Hugger Mugger, Yak & Yeti, Sacred Space and DZI.